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Arnaby Farm is a family run small breeding farm specializing in Welsh B and Half Welsh ponies. Our ponies are bred from the best imported bloodlines and have enjoyed much success over the years in the show rings.  We strive to breed quality ponies suitable for all disciplines from Hunter ponies to Driving, Dressage and all around Fun family ponies.

We truly believe in the old adage "breed the best to the best and hope for the best" Following that line of thought all our stallions are imported from the top Welsh Pony Breeders in the UK. All five stallions are decedents of champions from the Royal Welsh and Horse of the Year Show.

Our Broodmare band also boasts some of the best breeding the UK has to offer including mares from Waxwing, Eyarth, Rotherwood, Thistledown and Hilin to name a few.

The end result of this meticulous breeding has been top class ponies with correct conformation, athletic abilities and Fantastic temperaments.

Bred to Perform in the breeding shed and the show ring‚Äč


Arnaby Farm has enjoyed much success over the years with several of our ponies gaining national prominence in both Canada and the United States including the USEF Green Medium Hunter Pony Champion.

Here in Canada we have bred several Royal Winter Fair Champions including  Champion of Champions, Supreme Champion Welsh, Grand Champion Welsh B, Grand Champion Half Welsh and Grand Champion Star Search Sport Pony

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What's New?


1. *Hilin Nerys delivered a beautiful colt foal by *Eyarth Obsidian, this foal already has a waiting list for a new home.  He is full of welsh character and is everything we thought the cross would be. Repeating the cross for 2022

Arnaby Etain (Eyarth Eragon x Thistledown Lucy Lockett) delivered a gorgeous colt by Rotherwood Bo Jangle baby.  So impressed with this very correct colt that we are going to repeat the cross for 2022

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2. 2021 has proved to be a very successful year to the Arnaby ponies currently on lease. Arnaby Cassanova has had several championships in the small ponies and is heading to Pony Finals. Arnaby Mystical Izzidora in currently competing in the Children's with her little rider, Arnaby Bo Branson has had multiple Championship as well with his new partnership with Campbell.

3. We are hoping to get to a few shows in 2021 and hopefully will see everyone at the 2021 Royal Winter Fair.

4.  We currently have a few ponies available for Sale or lease and check out our expectations for 2022.  We have several new combinations available and some tried and true ones.

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155634 15th Line

Thamesford, ON

Canada N0M2M0


(519) 318 2435

[email protected]

we would love to show you our beautiful pones but please call first to make sure we are home.