Foals of 2021

Arnaby Bo Co‚Äčuture

Arnaby Bo Couture

*Rotherwood Bo Jangle x Arnaby Etain

2021 half welsh colt

This is the first cross for Bo Jangle and Etain and he has certainly fulfilled all our expectations, super fancy, incredible movement and great personality.


Arnaby Rhyolite

Arnaby Rhyolite

*Eyarth Obsidian x * Hilin Nerys

2021 Welsh B colt

This is the first cross for Obsidian and Nerys and it is everything we expected it to be.  A Stunning colt, full of welsh character, substance and movement.  

we will repeat this cross


Confirmed in foal for  2022

*Mynach Mystical x *Coededderw Dancing Queen (Skellorn Bronze Soldier) colt option for sale.

*Eyarth Ares x *Eyarth Holly (Eyarth Tom Tom) colt option may be for sale.

*Eyarth Ares x *Rotherwood Chelsea Rose (Lemonshill Top Note) colt option will be for sale.

*Eyarth Eragon x Arnaby Little Larrikin (Lemonshill Top Note) Filly option Sold. Colt option for sale.


Eyarth Obsidian x Hilin Nerys

Rotherwood Bo Jangle x Arnaby Eatin